Schwarzweiß Preamp Overdrive

Minus Booster Pro, underdrive / attenuator


Wildkraut Fuzz, silicon fuzz

de Luxe Motor Fuzz, germanium fuzz

Ramlon Fuzz, vintage distortion/sustainer

Russlon Fuzz


Schwarzweiß Preamp Overdrive

Western Drive 2, tweed overdrive

Distortion General with clean blend

Silver Drive, british overdrive

Twangtone Dakota Red, lowgain overdrive with booster

Dakota Drive, lowgain overdrive with pre booster


Elektro Booster, FET gainbooster

Minus Booster, underdrive / attenuator

Minus Booster Pro, underdrive / attenuator

Null Booster / Buffer


Kafka Reverb with fx-loop


Big Muff Modification

Keys, keyholder with phone plugs

Zwielicht Booster, LED pocketlight

Pocketdisco compact lightshow

Advent wreath for christmas time

Custom made stuff

„I love guitar effects!“ ♥
…thats our philosophy. I’m an one-man-manufacturer from germany. All my pedals are handmade. I use high quality and high-rubust parts.

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