Klang Pegel / Minus Booster

Minus Booster ProUNDERDRIVE!

The KLANG PEGEL Minus Booster is a volume or mute-switch pedal for guitar and bass guitar.
With the help of this pedal, it is possible to turn down the guitar at the flip of a switch to get a cleaner sound from your overdriven amp or the downstream overdrive pedal. The result is an additional channel for your amp!
NEW: External knob for tone-bleed!
The MINUS BOOSTER PRO works passive just like the volume control in the guitar. A further applicability would be to plug it into the effects loop of an amplifier without a master volume control. Used in this way, you can quiet down the overdrive
sound without changes in tone.

Minus Booster ProMinus Booster ProMinus Booster Pro


  • Status LED
  • Hardware true bypass
  • 9V DC-Jack
  • 5 years guarantee
  • Packed in jute-bag
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Battery-connection

Technical data:

  • 100% passive signalflow
  • Controls: Minus-Boost, Tone-Bleed
  • Dimension: 114 x 70 x 48mm
  • Weight: 198 g (without battery)
  • Supply voltage: +9V
  • Current: 1,7 mA (Bypass: 0 mA)


temporary not available.

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  1. Der Minus Booster auf dem Escapado-Board. Genau hinsehen, unten rechts:

    Comment by Jan @ Orion Effekte — 16. August 2010 @ 10:20

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